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WP 1: To perform an Genome and Exome wide association study (GWAS and EWAS) using HumanCoreExome Bead Chip.  This chip combines genetic markers from two different platforms containing over 240000 common tagSNP markers (common variants) and over 240000 exome focused genetic markers, providing a large genomic coverage of both coding and non-coding region of the human genome. We genotype Indian and Danish children using this chip for identification of genetic variants associated with childhood obesity and related quantitative traits [SEE FIGURE BELOW].

WP2: To identify coding variations which alter response of the carrier to a one year weight loss intervention in 1,000 obese Danish children

WP3: To investigate co-expression networks and systems biology of significant novel variants / genes identified in 1) and 2) by studying their gene expression profiles in pig tissues and human blood.

WP4: To perform GWAS and joint linkage disequilibrium and linkage analyses (LDLA) to identify and fine map genes/variants in F2 pigs and to compare the identified variants / genes in pig models to those identified by human GWAS-EWAS in 1) and 2) [SEE FIGURE BELOW]

WP5: To apply a systems genetics and biology approach to identify causal genes, variants and their networks with an aim to elucidate the patho-physiological mechanisms underlying the associations identified in aims 1) to 4).